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our story

Fragrances take you through a journey in time, a moment lasts a second, a fragrance creates memories that last a lifetime.

Growing up in a small coastal village of Spain, fragrances were a key part of my upbringing. I was surrounded by the scents and freshness of the sea, endless sunsets, and bright sunrises, where everything had distinct aromas and a constant contrast of colors.

I can still close my eyes and smell the figs and fruit trees at my grandparents’ home, the Bougainville flowers climbing through the white house wall, the orange blossoms bursting with scents as the spring season approached or the lavender fields from our trips to France.

Eau de colognes captured all these memories and were an integral part of our daily routines. Fresh scents that weren’t overpowering but a whisper of aromas gave us a sense of belonging and happiness.

When I became a mom in 2017 to my son Thomas, I wanted to share those moments, by giving him his own memories. After searching the market in my adoptive country, the U.S.A, I could not find a product that combined the principles of quality and responsibility. So, in 2019, as I decided to take a different career path from my prior 20 years in corporate banking I started to explore the idea of bringing this project to life. 

One of our goals was to craft fragrances accessible to every family without compromising on quality ingredients. With that goal in mind, I worked with leading fragrance design professionals on more than 30 different scent formula iterations. Finally in 2021 we launched "Les Enfants" (0+) Mom & Me collection, carefully matching the skin sensitivity of the youngest ones. In 2022 our "Allstar" (3+) collection was born, fresh orange and lemon scents that would transport everyone through their own journey. 

Safe for Kids, safe for all...from my family to yours, we hope our scents will bring memories of happiness to last a lifetime.