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Our goals

We want our partners to care.

We have partnered with a leading European laboratory whose philosophy aligns with ours; abiding to the highest ISO quality controls and strong sustainable goals.

Our manufacturing partner, is aligned with our philosophy of valuing and maintaining great quality & sustainable management in all processes, which has allowed them to obtain several certifications:

ISO 9001 quality management certification. An internationally recognized quality management system that guarantees customer service and product excellence.

ISO 22716 certification of good manufacturing practices in cosmetics, which ensures that they comply with the demanding protocols of good practice in our manufacturing processes.

Sustainable Goals:

Zero Waste Initiative: Managing and classifying all the waste to preserve the environment.
Energy Efficiency: Project to install solar panels for self-consumption.
2030 Recycled Packaging Goal: Aiming to use recycled materials across all brands and products
Fragrance formulas characterized by containing a min of 90 % of natural ingredients across all products.
A percentage of the turnover dedicated to charities contributing to the conservation of our flora and fauna.
Veganism is also an important part of the essence of the manufacturing processes.

Quality Goals:

The modern state-of-the-art facilities makes the production one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. Thanks to their innovative technology they can carry out a special maceration with noble gases to prevent oxidation and external contamination, which means a 43% increase in quality in the production. Additionally, the usage of rigorous chromatographic processes ensures the validation of all the raw materials received and as a result, they ensure that our products always follow the same pattern to meet our high-quality criteria.

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