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Our formulas

Suitable for the whole family & the most sensitive skins

ethically sourced & tested

Fragrances you can trust

To ensure you and your family can trust our fragrances, we have carefully crafted our formulas under the strictest IFRA conformity certifications suitable for even the most sensitive skins, and tested them dermatologically and pediatrically.

OUR ingredients

The good things

Our Eau de Colognes have been crafted with our little ones in mind. They are clean, natural ingredients, hypoallergenic, gluten free, plant based, dermatologically & pediatrically tested and infused with prebiotics & Vitamin B (B3 & B5)


the bad things

What we don't use

For over a year we've worked with pioneers from the fragrance formulation industry in Europe and have banned more than 3000+ elements from our production. We have also adopted the corporate standard of compassion for animals and we don’t test with animals throughout our full supply chain.



Respect the environment & rules of fair trade

Our packaging is compact by design to minimize our carbon footprint, and we continue to move towards more environmentally friendly packaging. We have adopted the corporate pledge of no testing with animals throughout our full supply and production chain.