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19 Unique & Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Love!

18 Unique & Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts That Your Mom Will Love!

Because your mom deserves the best!

What better way to show your mom or mother figure love and appreciation this Mother’s Day than by giving her a thoughtful gift she’ll love? Moms can sometimes be particularly hard to shop for, which is why we’ve put together a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas that we know she’ll love! Many of the brands on this list are female owned or support women’s causes, which will make your mother’s gift even more special and meaningful. From unique jewelry and at-home crafts to personalized blankets and canvases - this list has the perfect gift for every mother out there.


We'd like to let you know that this list may contain affiliate links, meaning we may collect a commission if you decide to click through and make a purchase.


1. Hopeful Mama Gift Set from Starfish Project

This beautiful necklace set from Starfish Project comes with two gorgeous necklaces: a "mama" 14k gold plated necklace and a reversible necklace with mother of pearl on one side and the word "hope" on the other. Your mother will love these necklaces and will appreciate them even more, knowing that the brand's purpose and mission is to help women escape human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. Every purchase from Starfish Project changes a life.

Click here to buy the Hopeful Mama Gift Set!


2. Matching Mommy & Me Outfits from PatPat

A Mother's Day gift idea that any mother of young kids would love is a matching set that they can wear with their little one! Like these adorable 100% Cotton White Boho Long-sleeve Tassel Swimsuit Cover Ups from PatPat that can be worn poolside, lounging, or just on a gorgeous Spring or Summer day! We love PatPat because they have TONS of clothing options for the whole family, at extremely affordable price points - you can purchase the mommy AND child version of this dress for just around $20 total!

Click here to buy the 100% Cotton White Boho Long-sleeve Tassel Swimsuit Cover Ups for Mom & Me!


3. Lucy Zipper Pouch from R.Riveter

Any mom would love this handmade Lucy Zipper Pouch from R.Riveter! Made with a durable, water-resistant duck canvas, this pouch is perfect to fit all your essentials - carry it as a clutch, use it for traveling, or make switching bags easy by storing your purse belongings in it! This Shark Tank-endorsed company is unique and special because it provides jobs to military spouses across the country.

Click here to buy the Lucy Zipper Pouch from R. Riveter!


4. Moonlit Dreamy Pink Lotus Bath Soak from Pursoma

We're obsessed with these all-natural healing bath salts from the female-founded brand, Pursoma. During our live interview with Pursoma founder, Shannon Vaughn, she explains how creating a daily bathing ritual with these all-natural, homeopathic salts, can have the power to heal, restore, relax, and so much more. Mothers do so much on a daily basis, and this Moonlit Bath Soak is perfect for creating a nightly relaxation ritual to unwind and relax after a long day. Give your mom the gift of healing and relaxation - she deserves it!

Click here to buy the Moonlit Dreamy Pink Lotus Bath Soak from Pursoma!


5. Custom Stuffed Animal of Your Pet from Petsies

PSA! Pet moms deserve Mother's Day gifts too! The perfect gift for any pet mom is a personalized plushie of their furry loved one. Petsies creates custom, handmade gifts based on photos of your pets - just choose the gift you want (plushie, magnet, pillow, socks) and upload a photo, it's as easy as that. They will cherish this gift forever!

Click here to buy a Custom Stuffed Animal of Your Pet!


6. Mother's Day Kit from Pottery With a Purpose

Pottery With a Purpose offers easy, at-home DIY pottery kits - and their Mother's Day Kit makes the perfect gift that you can even experience together (the kit comes with enough clay for 1-2 people)! The kit comes with everything you need to create your own clay masterpiece (plus some extra goodies), and you can choose to buy either the air-dry option or the kiln fired to make it food-safe + waterproof. Pottery With a Purpose - hence the name - donates a percentage of all proceeds to a top nationwide initiative or non-profit organization working to advance the world of mental health.

Click here to buy the Mother's Day Pottery Kit!


7. Mama + Mini Nylon Travel Bags from LĒ•LĀ•LŌ

These Mama & Mini bags from LĒ•LĀ•LŌ are absolutely to die for and make the perfect Mother's Day Gift. This nylon travel bag can store all of her essentials, and she will love being able to match with her mini! LĒ•LĀ•LŌ is a female-owned brand, created with the modern-day mom & mini in mind - check out their other matching options for more gift inspo your mother (and little one) will love!

Click here to buy the MAMA Nylon Travel Bag!


8. Boiess

Boiess's new line of Eau de Colognes make great gifts for new moms out there looking for non-toxic perfumes and fragrances that are baby-safe and infused with prebiotics and vitamins. Boiess fragrances are specially designed for moms, babies and kids, with all-natural, non-toxic ingredients that are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic colors or dyes, GMOs, and gluten-free. These fragrances are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin, and are available in three Mediterranean-inspired scents: White Blossom, Poppymint and Lavanda. These plant-based products are also environmentally friendly, using minimal plastic and eco-friendly packaging.

Click here to shop Boiess!


9. Glasses or Sunglasses from Eyeleos

Mothers can always use another pair of glasses or sunglasses! Luckily, these glasses from Eyeleos are high-quality, super well-built, and luxurious, but won't break the bank - all frames are under $65! We love Eyeleos because each of their frames tells a different story, and gives back to a different charity. With every purchase, you support various charities, including St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, the Best Friends Animal Society, and more. You can't go wrong with any of Eyeleos frames, but our personal fave is the Onesimus - they can be dressed up or down, and will go with any look in your mom's closet!

Click here to shop Eyeleos!


10. Custom Canvas Print from Canvas People

There's no denying that mothers love thoughtful gifts. Creating a customized canvas with a special photo of you and your mom is almost guaranteed to bring on the waterworks! Canvas People makes the process so easy - simply upload your desired photo and choose from an array of sizes and options. You can even use their Mom Has My Heart Canvas as a template and add your own photo!

Click here to buy a Custom Canvas Print!


11. Bracelet from

Did you know that the average cost for adopting a child in the US is anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000+. This egregiously high fee makes it extremely difficult for many families to adopt, especially seeing as the average salary in the US is around $54,000. This is why Becky Fawcett​ decided to found, an equality-based organization that seeks to reduce the financial burden of adoption by awarding large, life-changing, problem-solving grants to families hoping to adopt. You can support this cause by purchasing one of their bracelets, 100% of profits go towards funding the organization's grants. Your mom will love her new bracelet, knowing that it's helping unite hopeful parents with a child in need.

Click here to shop bracelets from!


12. Perfume Sample from MicroPerfumes

With Spring and Summer around the corner, Mother's Day is the perfect time for gifting a fresh new fragrance. Some popular spring fragrances include Gucci Flora Gorgeous GardeniaCreed Spring Flower, and Le Labo Santal 33 - but purchasing full bottles of these fragrances can be extremely pricey. Luckily, MicroPerfumes is making online shopping for perfumes easier than ever, because they offer an array of 100%-authentic perfume samples, at affordable prices. We love their 5 mL travel sprays because they come with a retractable spray top, and are perfectly sized for carry-ons!

Click here to shop MicroPerfumes Fragrance Samples!


13. Dear You Treasure Keeper from Demdaco

If your mom loves "nesting trays" as much as mine does, this heartfelt treasure keeper from Demdaco is the perfect gift. This stoneware dish features a hand-written-looking note that says "Mom, Thank you for giving us the world." The perfect way to tell your mom Happy Mother's Day and thank her for all she's done at the same time! Demdaco is a female co-founded brand whose mission is to Lift the Spirit - they do so through providing meaningful products and giving back to the community.

Click here to buy the Dear You Treasure Keeper!


14. Giving Heart Weighted Pillow from Demdaco

Another product we love from Demdaco is their Giving Heart Weighted Pillow. This pillow is the perfect way to show your mother you're thinking of her and makes an amazing long-distance gift because holding the pillow mimics the feeling of a hug. Send your mother a hug wherever she is this Mother's Day by gifting her this thoughtful heart pillow. Demdaco has even more Mother's Day gift options that you can browse and bundle to create the perfect gift.

Click here to buy the Giving Heart Weighted Pillow!


15. Mom Wood Wick Candle from Dreamy Gallery Candle Co.

This beautiful 10oz. scented candle will make your mom's space smell amazing while reminding her of all the adjectives that describe who she is: strong, kind, inspiring, gentle, wise, and fearless. This gorgeously scented candle comes from the women-owned candle brandDreamy Gallery Candle Co., and features notes of Agave, Rose, Marine, and Dark Musk, to create a lovely, warm, and unique atmosphere.

Click here to buy the Mom Wood Wick Candle!


16. Brighten Someone's Day! Spring Gift Set from Seattle Chocolate Co.

Here at, we love Seattle Chocolate Co., so much so that we're even interviewing their founder, Jean Thompson, on April 22nd at 12:30 PST - tune in on our Instagram! We highly recommend one of their gift sets to give your mom this Mother's Day, like their Brighten Someone's Day! Spring Gift Set. This box of treats features their Chocolate Wafer Cone Truffle Bar, Carrot Cake Truffle Bar, Honey, Almond and Coconut Truffle Bar - and a 12 oz Truffle Assortment of Spring Truffles, featuring four of their most popular flavors... YUM! Seattle Chocolate Co. also donates 10% of its profits to Girls Inc., a nonprofit that supports girls.

Click here to buy the Brighten Someone's Day! Spring Gift Set!


17. Sip Sustainably Bundle from W&P Design

Mothers love a practical gift, and not only will your own mother benefit from this gift, but so will Mother Earth! This set from W&P contains their Porter Bottle and Porter Mug, bundled at a discounted price. The mug is made of ceramic, the bottle is made out of durable borosilicate glass, and both are wrapped in a soft matte silicone sleeve for easy gripping and comfort.

Click here to buy the Sip Sustainably Bundle!


18. Mother Nature's Fruitful CreativiTea from Loose Leaf Women

Elizabeth Ellis Kingswood founded Loose Leaf Women Gourmet Tea Company, to combine her passions for gourmet loose leaf tea, mythology, and female empowerment. Her line of unique, organic, and delicious high-quality loose leaf teas are perfectly themed for gifting. We love the fruity flavors in Mother Nature's Fruitful CreativiTea, but we really encourage you to browse through their full line of teas - you'll surely find the perfect one for your own mom! At only $12 for a 5 oz. bag that will last months, these teas are an affordable and sustainable option!

Click here to buy Mother Nature's Fruitful CreativiTea!


19. Hydrophoria from

If you want to give your mother a gift that will help her look and feel better, consider Hydrophoria from! We actually got the chance to interview the founder of, Julie McClure, and she told us all about the various benefits of this berry powder blend, including its 5g of collagen to support your skin, hair, nails, and joints, 10 billion probiotics to help to heal your gut, and Snow Mushroom to give you a youthful glow. It also contains resveratrol, zinc, and Vitamin C, all of which offer hormonal support, making Hydrophoria the perfect gift for any moms going through hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth control, menopause, or just their monthly cycles!

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