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Your nose is a time machine!

Posted by Saloa Aguirre on

Weekend meals were always an event at my grandparents. Growing up, it was the gathering point for kids and adults and every time, it was a feast for the senses. My mouth always watered as I gazed at the many gourmet options (She was a great cook). So many scrumptious aromas enthralled me and the feelings evoked by such lovely smells were priceless memories from my youth.

Only the sense of smell can significantly bring back memories from our youth and childhood, according to scientists.

What are some of the smells that bring back special memories?

What memory does fresh-cut grass bring back? Can you even smell it now?

Do you recall the scent of your grandmother's house? What did she prepare on a regular basis?

Does the scent of chalk and pencil shavings conjure up memories of your early childhood classroom?

Many of us have fond memories regarding our childhood. Rose, lavender, jasmine, ocean breeze and leather are just a few examples of fragrances that evoke many other cherished times in our lives.

The smells of Christmas are distinctive individual scents with their childhood connections to holiday themes.

The sense of smell is capable of recalling forgotten memories that the other senses (touch, taste, and sound) cannot.


Because the sense of smell is the only one to directly reach the brain's region that actively analyzes odors. The other senses first travel to a neural relay area in the brain, such as the thalamus.

The sense of smell begins with the numerous smell receptors in your nose and ends at the highly organized olfactory bulb in your brain. Smell is a basic, primitive sensory experience. The olfactory bulb, which is responsible for the sense of smell, is located in the limbic system; nevertheless, just a few millimeters away are two more crucial brain areas.

The first, the hippocampus, is concerned with "episodic memory," or memories of specific events at a particular moment and place. The second is termed the amygdala; it controls our emotions and how we feel about things.

In our brains, smell, recollections, and emotions are all linked inextricably.

Your nose is a time-machine. Jump in and see how boiess colognes can transport you! 

Tell us below what are the most dominant scent memories your remember from childhood, we'd love to know! 

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