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The Deep Connections of Fragrance

Posted by Saloa Aguirre on

Most of us associate deep-rooted feelings with fragrances. Like a song, it has the power to quickly transport you back to the place, time, or emotion when you first experienced it. This happens to me every time!

A fragrance can become so closely associated with you that it becomes a part of your identity. There are instances when a certain fragrance turns into a particular olfactory indication connected to who you are and how you want to be perceived, even remembered. And a major personal transformation frequently goes hand in hand with a new fragrance, much like a new hairstyle.

Fragrances: A Strong Trigger of Memories

The olfactory bulb, the brain's smell centre, receives messages from your sense of smell and transmits them to regions of the brain that regulate emotion, memory, mood, and behaviour. Out of our five senses, smell is the one most connected to memories, this explains how smelling something can conjure up strong feelings and memories.

As our brain interprets fragrances, it stores memories. For this reason, whenever we smell anything familiar, all the memories connected to it reactivate. Each fragrance can evoke various emotions, whether from your childhood or a particular memory of your family. For instance, the smell of lavender may make you think of peaceful, happy times, while the aroma of lemon may make you think of family vacations at the beach.

Determining fragrances that dream up pleasant memories is crucial, that’s why at Boiess we want to ensure we provide a fresh and natural Eau de Colognes, to create memories of love and nurture to last a lifetime.

The Right Fragrance Can Change your Mood.

Throughout history, from the times of ancient cultures to the variety of modern lifestyles, the usage and enjoyment of colognes and fragrances has persisted. In fact, as we mark the second millennium, scents continue to improve the quality of life in useful and intentional ways - a practice that dates back to the dawn of time.

Fragrances can boost brain activity and give you more mental vigour and stamina. In addition to lowering stress levels, fragrances can enhance focus and concentration. Because it is a stimulant, the aromatic qualities of fragrances encourage one to concentrate on developing quick thinking and reflexes. Certainly, it creates a happy frame of mind.

The emotions of happiness, confidence, and well-being are evoked by colognes and perfumes. Additionally, they give those who wear them the chance to develop a nearly unbreakable, individual trademark. A mild fragrance can arouse pleasant memories and a variety of emotions that can enhance good feelings, lift moods, and uplift people's spirits, and YES! They can increase your self-confidence and undoubtedly make you feel wonderful.

Discover Your Family Favourite Fragrance

Choose the best scent from our selection of Eau de colognes to fit your family’s style and personality. We have crafted each one of our products, with our little ones in mind and suitable for all skin types. Our clean, natural hypoallergenic, paediatrician, dermatologist formulas have been infused with prebiotics and vitamins to keep skin in a healthy balance. All for one, and one for all, fragrances you can trust to create your own memoires.

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